Who is Diegoboy?

Diegoboy is Danny

Diegoboy is known in person by the name Danny. Born in 1968 on November 10, in the Philippines. Born on Subic US naval base, he was born a US citizen. His Father from New Orleans joined the US Navy and was stationed in the Philippines where he met his Mother. He moved to San Diego at the age of two and was raised there and in Long Beach. He has very fond memories of California but unfortunately, San Diego is as far back as his memory can go. He doesn't remember the first two years he spent in the Philippines.

In California, he befriended Joseph Marceleno, Jimmy Rider and met his first crush, Charlene Coburn. He remembers the day she left for Connecticut as if it were yesterday. He remembers walking to 7-11 for orange slurpees. He remembers trips to the Big Ben market and the grapes he would get there. He then moved to Meridian Mississippi where he befriended "Bubba" He joined the Scouts with his friend Bubba and enjoyed the comradery and challenges it brought to his life. He also played Baseball where his team "Braves" took second place that year.
From there, he moved to Norfolk Virginia in March of 1980 during a major blizzard. He attended school at Blessed Sacrament Catholic school in Norfolk. It was there where the introvert in him developed fully due to the bullying he experienced. The bullying continued into Kempsville Jr high and High school. He made great friends, but was never really accepted by the "in crowd". During a football game in high school, he once caught an interception, but ran the wrong was. It was funny.
After graduating high school, his friendships expanded and this new circle of friends were troublemakers and would continually break laws. He was well liked by this crowd, so his incessant guidance to do the right things and straighten their lives out was never seen as nagging. He likes to think he reached more than one, but he can safely say that there is one person that has become a great individual and member of society.

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