Who is Diegoboy?

Diegoboy is known in person by the name Danny. Born in 1968 on November 10, in the Philippines. Born on Subic US naval base, he was born a US citizen. His Father from New Orleans joined the US Navy and was stationed in the Philippines where he met his Mother. He moved to San Diego at the age of two and was raised there. He has very fond memories of San Diego but unfortunately, San Diego is as far back as his memory can go. He doesn't remember the first two years he spent in the Philippines...

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Diegoboy's favorite forums

  1. Offshore Electrics <--------------- Username: Diegoboy. (I am the site Moderator)
  2. Rum Runner Racing <------------- Username: Diegoboy
  3. RC Groups <-------------------------- Username: Diegoboy
  4. International Waters <-------------Username: Diegoboy
  5. Jim's RC Boat Dock <--------------Username: Diegoboy
  6. RC-Raceboats <--------------------- Username: Diegoboy (Site is in German)
  7. Dutch Electric Powerboats <--- Username: Diegoboy
  8. RC Universe <------------------------ Username: Diegoboy
  9. Personality Cafe <------------------ Username: Diegoboy